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May 2019

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Antwone Fisher

Antwone Fisher
Best-selling Author & Screenwriter

Antwone Fisher is the screenwriter and real-life subject of the Hollywood hit Antwone Fisher, directed by Denzel Washington. The film tells the story of his childhood at the hands of the foster care system.

Antwone Fisher was born in prison to seventeen-year-old Eva Mae Fisher and twenty-three-year-old Eddie Elkins. His father, Eddie, was shot and killed before Antwone was even born. Antwone was placed in foster care within the first few weeks of his life, and for two years he lived with a loving family. The state eventually put Antwone back in the foster system, claiming that Antwone’s attachment to his foster mother could be problematic. He was subsequently placed in the home of Reverend and Mrs. Pickett, where some of his most traumatic childhood experiences unfolded. For fourteen years with the Picketts, Antwone suffered both emotional and physical abuse.

Antwone walked out the door of the Picketts without getting so much as a good-bye. The road ahead for Antwone wasn’t easy. Upon graduating high school, he found himself staying at the YMCA where he began life as an emancipated minor. He fell in with a criminal named Butch to avoid the derelicts and sexual predators at the YMCA. He ended up sleeping on park benches and in alleys, and it was at that critical moment in his life that he decided to join the Navy.

Antwone Fisher spent eleven years with the Navy where he learned many lessons and befriended a Navy psychiatrist, Commander Williams, who helped him realize his potential. Upon leaving the Navy, Antwone took a job as a security guard at Sony Pictures Entertainment. It was then in 1992 that he decided to look for his real family. He eventually found his aunt, Annette Elkins, who lived in Cleveland, and within months he met all of his kin, including his mother, Eva Mae.

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