17 & 18 May 2019

Reducing Mental Health Disparities Through Sustaining and
Strengthening Healthy Communities: Increasing Knowledge through Research, Education and Practice

The Southeastern Symposium on Mental Health will be held at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, South Carolina. The Symposium will address the multi-faceted nature of mental health and mental illness. In addition, it will include regional and national keynote speakers and representatives.

Expected Symposium Outcomes & Impact

  • Promote mental health and support the eradication of mental health stigma
  • Increase community awareness of mental health challenges and the potential quality of life one can achieve while living with a mental health condition
  • Increase patient advocacy from mental health professionals, providers, patients, and families
  • Increase patient participation in mental health treatment, research, and education
  • Improve dissemination of best-practices
  • Improve patient-centered care and outcomes
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