18 & 19 May 2018

Mental Health Collaborations: Diversity and Inclusion-
Integrating Research, Education, and Practice

The Southeastern Symposium on Mental Health will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina. The Symposium will address the multi-faceted nature of mental health and mental illness. In addition, will include regional and national keynote speakers and representatives.

Expected Symposium Outcomes & Impact

  • Promote mental health and support the eradication of mental health stigma
  • Increase community awareness of mental health challenges and the potential quality of life one can achieve while living with a mental health condition
  • Increase patient advocacy from mental health professionals, providers, patients, and families
  • Increase patient participation in mental health treatment, research, and education
  • Improve dissemination of best-practices
  • Improve patient-centered care and outcomes
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